Cocktail menu


Alterego Cocktails – £8

Mojito White rum, over crushed ice, served with wedges of lime, mint and sugar.

Strawberry Mojito White rum, over crushed ice, served with wedges of lime, crushed strawberries, mint and sugar.

Coconut Mojito Coconut rum, over crushed ice, served with wedges of lime, mint and sugar.

Pina Colada Coconut rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream and whippy ice cream.

Elderflower Fizz Gin mixed with elderflower, mint, cucumber and topped with soda.

Alabama Slammer Southern Comfort, vodka, amaretto, orange juice and grenadine.

Sex on the Beach Vodka, Archers, grenadine, orange and cranberry juice.

Pornstar Martini Passion fruit puree, orange juice, Passoa, vanilla vodka served over ice with a dash of prosecco.

Espresso Martini Kahlua, vanilla vodka and coffee shaken over ice. Served with Baileys ice cream.

Frozen Strawberry and Raspberry Daiquiri  Dark rum, fresh strawberries with raspberry puree and blended.

Frozen Margarita / Traditional Margarita Tequila and triple sec, blended with lime juice and gomme.

Bloody Mary Vodka, tomato juice, celery salt, pepper, Tabasco sauce and Worcester sauce.

Dune Bug Malibu, Midori and banana liquor served with pineapple and orange juice.

French Martini  Vanilla vodka, raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice.

Key West cooler Midori, peach schnapps, coconut rum, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Premium Cocktails*

Long Island Ice Tea £10
Vodka, gin, rum, triple sec and tequila over coke.

Lost in Tokyo £10

Midori, Chambord, rum, vodka, topped with lemonade and lime juice.

Hawaiian iced tea £10

Vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, tequila, with pineapple juice and lime.

Cosmopolitan £10
Absolut Citron vodka, Cointreau, lime juice and Cranberry Juice.

Old Fashioned £15
Bushmills 10yr old malt whiskey, mixed with sugar and angostura bitters topped with a dash of soda.

Whiskey Sour £15
Bushmills 10yr old malt whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white.

White Russian £15
Grey Goose vodka, Kalhua, milk with a dash of ice cream.



Fraise Royale
Strawberry vodka and strawberry puree topped with Prosecco.

Passion Fruit Bellini
Passoa and passion fruit puree topped with Prosecco.

French 75
Gin and Lemon Juice topped with Prosecco.

Vodka and elderflower topped with Prosecco.

*not included in any promotion


Non alcoholic £6

November sea breeze cranberry juice, apple juice topped with soda.

Pineapple sunshine Pineapple juice, orange juice, passion fruit syrup topped with soda.

Apple mojito lime wedges, mint, sugar and apple juice over crushed ice.

Elderflower fizzy elderflower cordial with lemon juice topped up with soda.


Shooters: £4.50

Cup cake Vanilla vodka and hazelnut liquor with a sugar lemon slice.

B52 Kuhlua, baileys and triple sec.

Jelly Bean Southern comfort, lime and grenadine.

Jam donut bailey’s, Chambord with a sugar coated rim.

Chocolate cake citron vodka, hazelnut liqueur with a sugar coated lemon.