Stag parties

Our Ale Tasting sessions include the following, and prices are per person, minimum party of ten people. For further information please give us a call on 01179739070

Each session will last about 120 minutes and provide the chance to taste and discuss up to 5 different ales. Each person will have 5 pints of ale to drink. There will be a quiz and old traditional drinking games during the course.

All the ales that you will be tasting come from St Austells brewery. St Austell Brewery has been brewing beer and real ale in Cornwall since 1851. There beers include award winning bottled and cask ales such as Tribute, Proper Job, Smugglers, Admirals Ale, Clouded Yellow, HSD, Dartmoor Best, Trelawny and Korev.

Option One Ale tasting session.

Option two. Ale tasting session, with 2 Butlerette girls to accompany the group on the course.



Each session will last about 120 minutes and provide the chance to taste and discuss up to 4 different ciders. Each person will have 4 Pints. There will be a quiz and old traditional drinking games during the course.

Option One Cider tasting session.

Option two. Cider tasting session, with 2 Butlerette girls to accompany the group on the course.

Thatchers have been making cider for over 100 years and the world around us has changed quite a bit.

With some things we’ve moved with the times, and with others we’ve stuck to what we know to be right. Like recipes and ingredients that have been with us since 1904, or our oak vats that make our cider so distinctive.

These decisions aren’t always easy, a farm and the family who run it are linked by more than just a farmhouse.

Decisions that are made echo down the generations, like how William Thatcher’s decision to start making cider over 100 years ago has shaped everything that has happened on the farm since.

Fortunately, to help us find our way we’ve always asked one important question – what’s going to make the best cider?

1. Thatchers Traditional
Based on an original 1904 recipe, Thatchers Traditional is a hazy, unfiltered and un-carbonated cider, but has a natural, subtle sparkle.
Specially produced from a blend of bittersweet apples, it has a mellow and smooth taste that will appeal to those who enjoy real Somerset cider at its very best.

2. Old Rascal
Legend has it that every night, under the cover of darkness, a wily old fox crept out of his den at the bottom of our orchard and tiptoed his way to the cider store to help himself to fresh supplies.

It’s understandable though, once they have a taste, most people can’t get enough of this rather distinctive Somerset cider.

3. Thatchers Gold
Thatchers Gold tastes as good as it looks. Using the best of our traditional approach and modern techniques for a refreshing cider with a smooth appley taste and a bright sparkle.

4. Cheddar Valley
The colour of this unique cider gives it a vibrant character all of its own for those who want an alternative refreshing drink with a touch of natural sparkle.
Naturally fermented, Cheddar Valley is matured in oak vats to ensure the distinctive full flavour is retained.

5. Heritage

Heritage is a popular, traditional cider – it really looks and tastes like a proper cider’ but you’ll find its light touch and balanced flavours offer a drink that appeals to all comers.

This really is a drink that reflects Thatchers expertise in crafting fine cider.



Booking one of our lovely Butlerettes for a stag party or other event offers a sexy but tasteful, fun friendly and non offensive alternative to traditional Stag weekend’s activities.

All of our Butlerettes are stunning, personable, great fun and can be utilised for the following:


Lovely hostess to mix and mingle with all of the guests
Stunning cocktail waitresses, mixing and serving drinks
Butlerettes come in a French Maid outfit as standard but can be attired in a range of attractive outfits. Cocktail waitress, Bond Girl, burlesque and many more (additional costs may apply for costumes other than the French Maid)
The Butlerettes also provide great photo opportunities and are happy to be photographed with the stags and other guests


Code of conduct for Butlerettes
We aim to ensure that our clients and our Butlerettes remain in a comfortable environment throughout any of our bookings. To this end the following are some of the key booking conditions

A strict no touching policy is in place. Photo calls may be requested as long as the Butlerettes are comfortable with the request.
Butlerettes are there to work and serve guests, however they must be treated with respect and decency at all times.
If at any time the above conditions are not met or during the event the Butlerettes feel threatened or uncomfortable they will leave the event and no refund or compensation will be offered.

Here at alterego we have the biggest selection of sporting events, so why not stay with us after your tasting session and watch the game of your choice in a reserved area.
we have every single premier league game, and all rugby games.

To make a booking or for more information please call 0117 9739070.